Ruby WMQ.

Ruby interface into WebSphere MQ (MQSeries) ®

As Ruby moves into the Enterprise space, it is important to be able to interface with IBM’s product for Enterprise wide messaging and queuing, namely WebSphere MQ.

The Ruby WMQ interface currently supports the following features:

· High performance interface

· E.g. Able to read over 2000 messages per second from a Queue

· (Non-persistent messages, < 4K each, MQ V6, running on Windows Laptop)

· Full support for the entire MQ Administration interface (MQAI)

· Create Queues

· Query Queue Depths

· etc…

· Full support for all WebSphere MQ Headers

· Rules and Format Header 2 (RFH2)

· Rules and Format Header (RFH)

· Name Value pairs returned as a Hash

· Dead Letter Header

· Transmission Queue Header

· IMS, CICS, …..

· Conforms with the Ruby way. Implements:

· each

· Code blocks

· etc..

· Relatively easy interface for reading or writing messages

· MQ Headers made easy

· Single Ruby WMQ library that supports both:

· WebSphere MQ Server Connection

· WebSphere MQ Client Connection

· Includes latest client connection options such as SSL

· Supports WebSphere MQ V5.3 and V6.0

· Is written in C to ensure easier portability