Ruby WMQ.

Ruby interface into WebSphere MQ (MQSeries) ®


RubyWMQ V1.0.0 has been released based on work in SVN trunk.

Special thanks to Brian Candler for the Poison message handling,
improved put defaults and cleanup of GCC compiler warnings.

Any volunteers to make the windows compiled binary versions of the gem

Release Name: 1.0.0

Updated gem release of RubyWMQ to support WebSphere MQ 7, 64 bit
Operating System support and Message Grouping.

- Support for 64bit Operating Systems
- Fix issue where MQMD Version was using the default of V1, needs to
be V2 to support message group options
- Support MQ V7
- Poison Message handling
- Make put fail by default when the queue manager is quiescing
- Fix GCC Compiler warnings
- Add message grouping examples



Now that JRuby V1.0 is available, we can access the Java API for WebSphere MQ directly from Ruby. See the JRuby Example



Working on the following in preparation for a  production stable release.

· 64Bit Support



1/19/2007 RubyWMQ is available as a Ruby gem:

gem install rubywmq

Prebuilt binaries available for Windows and Solaris Sparc.


Some of the features in Ruby WMQ V0.3.0:

· Support for all the MQ Headers

·  Including RFH, RFH2 etc...

· Removed the need to require the client or server libray

· The MQ Client or Server library is dynamically loaded at MQ connect time. This removes the previous need for requiring the mq client library


Compatibility Notes:

· Please update all existing Ruby Programs and change the require statement to:
require 'wmq/wmq'

· The wmq_client library no longer exists

· With MQ headers, :format is not permitted, it should only be supplied to the descriptor

· After installing using Ruby Gems it is recommended on UNIX systems to add the following line to the user profile (e.g. .profile):
export RUBYOPT=rubygems



· Create Gem install

· Support all MQ Headers

· Test Cases updated

· Required to change to require 'wmq/wmq' to support make install

· Dynamically load MQ Server or Client library depending on whether connection_name is present

· Add first itteration of parameter validation. Validates all MQ Structures passed in as hashes. E.g. Message descriptor, headers

· Added very basic documentation to WMQ::Message